Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catching Up: Easter 2012

My goal  is to get this blog up to day by ummm...maybe this time next week - we will see. Here is Easter!

It has become a tradition of our to travel South to spend Easter with JAG's parents (JAGdad and Momma B).

Let me just say that packing and traveling with a six month old is much different then traveling with a ten year old. After I packed everyone and cleaned up the messed I made by busting a full bottle of hot pink nail polish all over my bathroom floor we were out the door two hours behind schedule. We took two more stops than normal and the DVD player was not working - so we were two stressed parents by the time we go there. We attending a beautiful Good Friday service - no pictures.

On Saturday, Bekah had her first Easter Egg Hunt!

Of course, she had no clue what was happening and spent most of the time attempting to eat pine needles.
Shelby had a blast and got more candy then she could ever eat!
There she goes attempting to eat something again - this is our life these days.

The next day I dressed them in their matching outfits (I had to fight a bit to make that happen) and we went to Eater Service. I love being in JAGdad's church - he is the pastor, if you didn't know. Shelby thinks it is a big deal - and it is! I love watching him work! I also love the sanctuary and music and people...ahhh if only I lived closer.

After service I attempted to take pictures of the girls in front of the Easter Lillies (is it lillys or lillies or neither).

This next picture was snapped right before little sister tumbled right of the step onto her head.
Yeap, we had one of those moments - it was lovely. So, we packed up and decided to take pictures on more solid ground.
Look - it's all our kids!

My Family - Easter it!

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