Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrifting Thursday: I am a Follower!

I started following a new blog last week – Harper’s Happenings. You have got to go and read! Not only does Mandy have a divine style that I adore;  her daughter, Harper, is the most adorable toddler ever!!!

You can go visit them here:

Anyway every Thursday Mandy does a link-up. For those of you who do not know a link-up is where I take my blog entry (this one) and post a link to it on her blog. Then you meet other bloggers who have the same interest. It’s kind of like a “Hey come over to my house a have a cup of coffee let’s chat.” Today the chat is about Thrifting. As in What Did You Buy This Week at the Thrift Store?

No don’t go getting all snooty on me I get really good things at the local Goodwill. If you know me personally – it is the one by my work, not by my house (that one is skanky.) There are 50 million reasons to buy used things, people! I buy used because I will not spend $35 on a Gymboree dress for Bekah when I can get last season’s (or last year’s) Gymboree dress for $2.49.

This week after a lot of stress I thought I need a Goodwill trip. JAG gave me a $20 limit – that is a lot at the thrift store (that’s one pair of shorts at Gymboree – just saying). My goal was to find some adorable decorative item or furniture piece that I could go all DIY crazy with like Sherry and John at Young House Love. Go see what I mean by clicking HERE. I was determined to use some spray paint on something and make it beautiful – didn’t happen though. After digging through twelve aisles of used Tupperware and coffee pots I found nothing. So, I hit the clothes and found a mini haul for Bekah.

From Left to Right (kind of)

Cherry Gymboree Dress: $2.49
Carter’s Fish Dress that will probably be a top on my tall baby: $1.49
Lamb Gymboree Top: $1.49
Carter’s I Feel Happy Onesie: $0.99
Just One Year Clover Top: $1.49

Now, word of advice the key is to spend the time digging through the racks – I touch everything. I had to do fast digging this week because I was on my lunch hour that went over slightly because I kept saying “oh one more row.”
My earrings and necklace are Stella & Dot - see link on my sidebar.

I picked up one thing for myself. This top for $5.49. The tag was cut out of it, so I am not sure where it is from.

yeap, taking pictures in the bathroom mirror at work

After wearing it and looking at it on it might by a bathing suit cover-up instead of a top, but oh well it serves the purpose – covering my post baby body. Someday, if I ever buy a bathing suit again, I will use it as a cover-up.

And can I just say if you have seen me in person anytime in the last two weeks I am so relieved that my hair has lightened – I no longer look like Ronald McDonald’s Daughter. Also, my hair is growing back, so there is no need for a wig this week even though it would be a fun purchase!

So there you have it. I spent a total with tax of $14.55 and was able to take my left-over’s and buy a happy meal for lunch (weight watchers diet.)

I urge you to go visit Mandy and see the other thrifters who link-up today! Then go see Sherry and John – I adore them and they will get you craving some serious DIY projects!

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