Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Bekah

I have nothing profound to say except I am so madly in love with this child!!!

Dear Bekah,

I cannot believe how fast five months can fly. Your personality is showing like crazy. You are headstrong just like the rest of the females in your family. We are working on sitting are eager to start crawling.

What do you think? 
One Month:
Five Months:

oh Poooh!!! I need to re-format that first pic...I cropped it way too much. 
How about this?
That's a bit better. And yes I know I pictures today are too bright - dang camera. It's on my bucket list - learn how to use my camera.

And yes I am still profoundly in love with my Shelby too! Maybe this weekend I will hold her down and take some pictures of her - she isn't as easy to work with.

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