Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear Bekah

Four Months Already?

You are one-third of the way through your first year of life – BIG MEH!!!

You weigh just less than 15 pounds and are 25 inches long. You have made mommy go out and buy 6 month clothes because I was so not prepared for you to be growing this fast. 

Oh mommy could say so many things about you. You are a dream! I am so blessed!

You talk…well you say ahh goo, but still we think that you are very intelligent and see big things for your future. 

You have learned to roll over. You roll so much that you roll off your play mat most days. You can hold your own bottle and have started baby food. Squash and pears are your favorites. 

You are still a good sleeper especially after a day at day-care (we call it school). Your teachers adore you at daycare. My Louis (who is 88 years old) sits and talks to you all afternoon; I think she loves her afternoons with you. 

Lately you and daddy have bonded over computer games. You love sitting and watching him fight the bad guys. 

Again, mommy is so lucky to have you. Now SLOW DOWN…you are growing up way to fast! Look at how much you have a grown!

 Well...maybe it's hard to see...Mommy may need to change the way she crops her pictures.

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