Monday, December 5, 2011

Saying Good Bye

Today has been a sad day for my family.
Aunt Barbara lost her battle with cancer last night.
I am not sure I have words to describe the sadness that is felt at this time by JAG, Shelby and I.
Today I have cried many tears.
I keep coming back to the word blessed.
I am blessed to have known Barbara.
I am blessed to have spent quality time with her this past summer.
I am blessed to have my butt kicked on a regular basis when attempting to challenge her in a round of words with friends – she was a pro.
I am blessed to still have a voicemail with Barbara’s lovely voice singing Happy Birthday to me a month ago.
I have been blessed by Barbara – we are all so lucky to have had her in our lives.
Please keep her daughters, Emily & Riley, in your prayers along with Grandma B (her mother), JAGdad (her brother), JAG & all of JAG’s family.
I love you Aunt Barbara…you will be missed so much!

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