Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eighteen Days Left?!?

Do you remember in January when I wrote 20 Ideas that Will Make 2011 Awesome, More Awesome Than 2010 Even? Well, I went re-visisted those today and just laughed. Here look for yourself.

Have BBQs at our House in the Spring
2.     Learn What I Believe
3.     Learn Where I Came From
4.     Hear Shelby Play at a Piano Concert
5.     Grow Our Family
6.     Have God’s Light Show Through Me
7.     Run a 5K
8.     Family Devotionals
9.     Embroider
10. Granbury
11. Make Photography More Important
12. Unpack
13. The First Ten Years
14. Meet New People
15. Keep StrawberryTart! Alive
16. Learn to Play Chess
17. Plant a Garden
18. Budget
19. Shelby and Me Time
20. Let Go

It looks like I successfully completed number 5 and that’s about all I did this year – time flies when you are cooking a baby.
I had to laugh at number 7 and number 18 – maybe someday. Number 12 didn’t happen – yeap a year later and I still have no fully moved into this house.
What will make 2012 awesome? Well don’t worry mom, I have already completed number 5 and don’t plan to have it on my list again for a while.

If I had to make a list right now it would probably be to just love on these two all year long…nothing else needed. Oh wait…I can’t forget my JAG.

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