Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Being A Mom: Teaching Lessons

Shortly after getting out of the shower this morning I crawled back into bed next to my still sleeping husband and said “I don’t want to be a grown-up today.”

Ever feel that way?

There are times especially in the mornings where I wish I could take myself back to about 5th grade – when my only responsibilities were to keep my room clean and not fight with my sister. These feelings have happened more often since I am entering my final trimester for pregnancy – today it was cause because I had to teach my daughter a life lesson that I just wasn’t in the mood for. The joy of being a parent is that even though we are not in the mood for it, we still have to do it – yeah me.

You see last week Shelby had two teeth pulled in preparation for braces. She had a moment where I thought I was going to have to tie her to the dentist chair, but a little happy gas helped and it was over in no time.

The next morning (because I have no memory these days) I got ten dollars in cash at the grocery store and I had the cashier put it into two five dollar bills thinking five dollars for two teeth was pretty good - $2.50 a tooth. Now the tooth fair, otherwise known as JAG, took pitty on Shelby after I was already in bed for the night and gave her the entire ten dollars. I laughed – guess we should have discussed this, but it’s ok she did have to go through a lot to get those two out.

Flash forward to this morning – Shelby had to hand over that ten dollars to her daycare director. You see my child lost another field trip t-shirt – the second one this summer. So far she has spent $20 on the same shirt.

This is where I am teaching a lesson, but this is also where my heart hurts a bit – is that normal? I feel bad taking her money especially since it has been securely in her wallet for a week and she had plans on showing it to her father tonight. At the same time she needs to learn responsibility. She handled it well, she was disappointed, but dug into her wallet and handed over her last ten dollars to purchase a shirt so she could go on a her field trip today.

She is growing up – faster then I want some days and learning the lessons that will help her in the future – let’s just hope I am helping, not hurting.

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