Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday: Likely Match? Maybe

Earlier this week I was thrilled when my brother in-law posted a video from Christmas 1990. At the same time I was shocked…JAG really has always acted the way he does right now. He language and actions were so mature, but he was only 13. I quickly snagged a still shot from the video because he looked so snazzy and posted it on my facebook page.

Later, I wondered about if we went to the same school if would have even spoken. I know in my late teens early twenties JAG would not have been a match for me. I was looking for a bad boy and JAG was (and still is) far from being “bad.”

Here we are…what do you think…Match or No Match?

I am the redhead, of course.
For some reason I appear to be so much older than JAG at 13.

 As usual, I am linking up with Tia.

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