Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The B Word

The B word has been flying around our house lately…actually it is discussed everyday. No, I don’t mean the word that rhymes with witch.

The B word in our house is BRA!!!

Yes it is official -and she will officially kill me when she is older- Shelby is wearing one everyday. If not her mother asks her every morning “Do you have something under that?” “Are you supported?” Because it would be the end of the world if I said “Shelby, Do you have your bra on this morning?”

It is something we have been discussing for awhile. There is something odd about finding these two books side by side on my night stand.

It hits home that yes I have a daughter with a changing body as I am about to have another daughter. I feel 10 years older, but I cannot believe that my baby is about to be 10 and we have discussions about bras.

Last week in the dressing room at Macy’s Shelby insisted that she was ready for underwire and padding – she has yet to realize just how uncomfortable having boobs can be. Not sure what you call them in your house, but in ours they are boobs – probably not the best reference, but that is how we roll.

Being the mother I am, I allowed her to try a padded bra with underwire on and I about died. It looked like she had had a baby breast augmentation. She turn to the mirror and said “wow my boobs are huge.” To that my response was “too huge.” This led to a debate that ended with me saying “you are genetically blessed don’t worry they will grow faster then you could ever imagine then you will wish you didn’t have them.”

All this discussion took me back to the fifth grade when my friend Kassie came up to me on the playground and asked if I was wearing a bra. I said “no” to which she said “well you need one.” From that day on the growth didn’t stop and continues as I face the birth of my second child – is that too much information for you.

To wrap all this up I have one question – Where did my baby go? The past 10 years have flown by and I wish I could freeze her right now…pure and innocent. This mom is not ready to have a what are they called…is pre-teen or tween…not ready at all!

Just an FYI I strongly recommend the American Girl The Caring and Keeping of You. Now, the Girl Friend’s Guide to Pregnancy I am not sure about it yet – I will let you know – if I ever finish it.

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