Friday, April 1, 2011

Blessed...Yeap, Again

It came to my attention that while I am overflowing with the blessed feeling of being a part of JAG’s family on many a post that I need to pause and think…have I told you how blessed I am to be a member of my own family?

My father made me cry on Saturday, he doesn’t realize that he did. He was not mean or rude and he didn’t say anything tacky – except that I make my baked beans wrong. He said I love you before he hung up. I balled – ask JAG. I went straight into the backyard where JAG was sitting and said My Dad said he Loved Me and I don’t know what I am crying. His response because you don’t normally hear it.

Wait! Wait! This isn’t a knock at my parents blog – I do not come from I Love You family, not that I didn’t feel loved. This is just the way we are – that is our normal. So, at the age of 33 an I love you from my Daddy chokes me up badly. I didn’t need him to tell me for me to know, but just him saying it sent chills through me and tears streaming.

I am blessed to have been born to this couple. I am blessed that I was their last child at the age of 30 and 31. I am lucky to have parents who have survived and in the end love each other so much – even though I don’t understand how they deal with each other sometimes.

As I have said before, I wish my relationship with my sister was different, read it here. At the same time though, I am blessed to have a sister at all. When I was five my sister fell out of a moving car, a big wheeled moving car, onto a blacktop road narrowly being missed by a crushing tire. I remember it like it was yesterday – I could have lost my sister that day. My sister and I had many episodes in our crazy teen years where we could have lost each other – we are blessed that we didn’t.

Overall I am blessed to be in this family! I love my family so much.

I love you, Dad – even though he doesn’t read.
I love you, Mommy – she reads every day!
And I love you, my sweet sister – she hardly ever reads my blog.

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