Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Little Thursday Confessional

I have been listening to Kelle Hampton’s playlist lately. Kelle’s is the only blog with music that I can stand. Her song choices always seem to match with her posts for that day. I decided some time ago (in a non-stalking way) to just listen to her playlist through playlist (I know some of you are lost) and not go to her blog (even though lately I read everything she posts). It is a beautiful mix of Coldplay, Adele and U2 with a little of The Shins for fun. It’s wonderful. You can find it here if you want to listen. My personal playlist is up at the top of my page.

I have a few things to admit to you this Thursday, are you ready?

First, I am really starting to enjoy this pregnancy – maybe enjoy is the right word – excited might be better. I have been having baby dreams with a chubby little baby, girl of course (we don’t know yet). My confession is I didn’t think I would get excited – I have been more in shock and a bit scared. You see I never thought it would happen this fast. Don’t get me wrong JAG and I knew what we were up to, but I had already placed myself in the infertile group due to my PCOS. I thought it would take more work and at least a year, so the quickness of this has thrown me for a loop which I am now ok with. Having a baby during the first year of marriage can put a lot of stress on a couple – we are still newly weds. Also, I have those can I hand this thoughts – an infant and a pre-teen all at once in this economy.

I am happy to report that I gave all my anxiety to God – I said This is in Your Hands Big Man. He knows my beginning and my end and if you didn’t know…there is really nothing you can do about this plan – what is is what will be – does that make sense?

Since then I have had a strong feeling that I am prepared for multiples – not twins – meaning another one, two or three after this one. I remember around this time last year writing this blog – here. Remember? It was when I was spending way too much time looking at these pictures:

Multiples…having a big family. I always prayed for more siblings when I was young – not younger then me – since I was the baby, but an older sibling or two that would just show up – maybe someone to pick on my sister the way she did on me. I wanted a big family and I still do. I am young, right? I can’t believe I am admitting this, but I am ready to have this one and get to work on another – my mother is let out a big sigh – she keeps telling me to get through this one first before I make plans for more.

I want a family who can’t afford Disney World, so we make our own in our backyard or during a camping trip – yeap I said camping…the hormones have altered my mind.

And one more confession…I really wish after two kids that I could achieve Kelle Hampton’s body, but now I am just dreaming! Oh I searching for a pic, but maybe it’s best for you to go visit her blog and see for yourself.

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