Thursday, March 24, 2011


A favorite of mine taken by JAGdad.

I didn’t dawn on me, I already knew, but it did stick in my head this morning on the way to work – I am blessed.

As I journey through my new path in life I am reminded how blessed I truly am. God gave me an awesome husband. He also blessed me with a beautiful daughter.

More than anything I reminded when I am told “we are praying for you” how blessed I am to have found a family outside of my family. When I married JAG I was blessed with an awesome family. I have great brother and sister in-laws, my in-laws (Mama B and JAGdad) are more then I could ever imagine and I have the best extended family of aunts and grandparents.

Most of all I was blessed with the best church family. I really mean family – from the first day I walked through the door I felt I was meeting JAG’s family.

I am now blessed to be friends with some wise women who know exactly what I need to hear exactly when I need to hear it from praying to examples of their lives to just telling me to breath. I am also blessed to have a wonderful pastor. I have had a home church before, but I have never felt as home as I do with my church family.

I just wanted to say thank you. Many thanks to each of you for the prayers, for the hugs and for the long email chats that help me get over the humps in life and celebrate all the awesome blessings we have been given!

My prayer is that you find something in your life that makes you feel as blessed as I feel right now – it is an awesome feeling.

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