Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIWW – Back At It!

So I decided to get back into WIWW – I have recently just been throwing on something, putting my hair up and heading to work – no make-up wore. So, I think it is time that I do something with myself.

Yes, I am back in front of the mirror at work. I am going today after work to get a full length mirror for the house – I think I can get one cheap at Walmart. I need something – this pictures look like poo taken with either my ipod or my cellphone.

Anyway, I am linking up with Pleated Poppy today and here we go!

I just re-started on Monday.

  1. Grey Tunic Dress (Cold Water Creek), Black Leggings (Cold Water Creek), Blank Long Sleeve Shirt (Merona – Target).
  2. Black Boots (Maden Girl – from DSW)
  3. Earrings (Premier Designs)

  1. Brown Sweater (Faded Glory – Walmart), White Top (Faded Glory – Walmart), Black Pants that are too big (had them for years), Coach Purse (present from my JAG).
  2. Grey MaryJane Flats (Target)
  3. Collier Nie Nie Necklace  (CrystalB)
  4. Grey Rosette Earrings (Funky Vintage Kitchen)

  1. Black and White Checked Top (From Macy’s 3 years old), Black Long Sleeved Shirt (Merona – Target), Hoop Earrings (Premier Designs).
  2. Black Pants (not idea – I think Macy’s years ago)
  3. Black Rosette Flats (xhilaration – Target)


  1. You look great! I would love to do this...maybe it would encourage me to actually get out of sweats and pjs. The perk and curse of being a stay at home mom. Keep it up. You look beautiful.
    P.S. LOVE the purse. I have a soft spot for Coach. What a wonderful husband you have.


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