Thursday, January 20, 2011

JAG…King of All…

It took me a little while to determine just which writing prompt to use this week.

My first stop was something unique that I love about my significant other. Maybe that people ask him to sing and actually turn around after service and say “you can sit behind me any day.” Then they give me a look that says “lip syncing honey lip syncing.” Maybe it is that he is the top scorer on Just Dance 2 in our house. I really didn’t think those were all that unique – whose husband doesn’t dance to a little Proud Mary every once in while, so I moved onto number two.

I had to laugh. In Texas or at least north Texas it is snow one day, flip-flops  the next. Winter is my least favorite time of the year – everything here is dead and it doesn’t even get the nice pretty white cover that other states use to mask their dead plants. So I crossed that off my list and move on to number three.

I read it and quickly moved to number four. Sorry I wasn’t going to touch that with a ten foot pole – my mother – the Grammy of all Grammys would be ringing my phone off the hook in opposition to my views expressed.

Number four was interesting, but I could not really find anyone that I would say I would “never” be friends with – Never Say Never, remember?

You think now that I am going to write about number five – How social network has changed me – right? It has changed me tons – it has been good and it has been oh so bad. Social Media has brought people into my life that I regret ever meeting again, but at the same time I have so many rekindled and new relationships due to social media. I am sorry to say, though, number five is not the one I select either. Nope, I went back up to number one again.

Something Unique You Love About Your Significant Other.

My JAG is the King and I mean King of Patience!

He is the most – I believe I have said this many many times – patient person I have ever met. This may not seem unique to you, but coming from someone who is not a slight bit patient it totally unique.

He will tell Shelby something ten times and then before he can get the 11th out of his mouth I step in because I lost it on the second attempt to tell her – well maybe not that bad.

Also, he lives with me – the girl who can never remember to pick up towels or make the bed. The girl who puts the phone down when talking to him so I can have a spare hand, but forgets to tell him – he has caught onto this and will just talk louder so I can hear him.

Every month when we have found out that yet again we are not have a baby he is so patient to let me have my moment of drama – of saying this is so not fair over and over – then he comes in and smiles.

I am not sure where this comes from, it could be that he is the oldest of four boys, but if it is something that is in his genes I hope our child gets it because we have two too many impatient drama queens in our house already.

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  1. Cool guy! Patience is a virtue for I don't have!

    Stopped by from mama kat's

  2. Patience is a true virtue! I hear what you're saying girl. I'm not as patient as my hubby either and I thank God for him because he balances me out in that department. I love the pic of your hubby wearing a crown. Classic.

    Stopping by via Mama Kat's!
    Come visit me at Bees With Honey:)

  3. 1st - LOVE your pic with the crown! My hubby has lots of patients too. Visiting from Mama Kat's.

  4. You can write that he is your husband rather than your "significant other" I think you have moved past that when you got married!! LOL :P


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