Thursday, January 13, 2011

It’s Going to Be Awesome!

This week in Mama Kat’s Writing Work Shop on of the topics was 20 Ideas That Will Make This Year, The Best Yet.

It’s kind of hard to think about what could top last year – it was a pretty awesome year, but that mean that 2011 will be even better – I feel it in my bones.

So with about further ado…

20 Ideas that Will Make 2011 Awesome, More Awesome Than 2010 Even!

1.     Have BBQs at our House in the Spring: Big ol meat cooking wine drinking shindigs in our lovely back yard with friends! I have been waiting for this for awhile – even have an idea on menus!
2.     Learn What I Believe: I believe in the God the Father Almighty Make of Heaven and Earth and Jesus his one begotten son…you may know how it goes. I believe – don’t worry, but as many of you might know I am an AGO (Assembly of God/Pentecostal) girl turned Lutheran. Those two are light night and day in the way the practice – well somewhat. I want to learn what we Lutherans do and why we do it  - I want to know at the level that I can teach others.
3.     Learn Where I Came From: I discussed this yesterday. My goal this year is to get that family tree done done done.
4.     Hear Shelby Play at a Piano Concert: Hopefully that will be play well at a piano concert, but we will see. Shelby has always been musically inclined, but her mother has not nurtured that as much as I should. I think her loving music, singing, and now piano is a result of me playing music every night to her in the womb – it’s not proven science, but I think she was rocking before she was born.
5.     Grow Our Family: We hope that this year we will bring into the world a new Baby B.
6.     Have God’s Light Show Through Me: I need to do better, less gossip and more focus.
7.     Run a 5K: now this one will be changed to walk if number 5 happens, but I would love to do this and do it with JAG – oh he is just now hearing about this.
8.     Family Devotionals: I want to continue our nightly time in the word. We usually take 30 minutes to an hour to talk about different subjects. Shelby loves this, so I want to make sure it is not pushed away by other things.
9.     Embroider: Preferably something special that will mean something to someone someday.
10. Granbury: I so want to go back this year – just me and JAG.
11. Make Photography More Important: this means take more pictures – with the big camera. Work on my book and master photoshop.
12. Unpack: yeap…the garage still holds most of my belongings – it’s been almost three months and I have not unpacked.
13. The First Ten Years: Shelby will be ten this year. I want to make her a bound book with pictures and stories from her first ten years.
14. Meet New People: I want to join new groups, get out and meet new faces – not that the old faces are bad, but I want to expand my facebook friends.
15. Keep StrawberryTart! Alive: I want to continue to write here everyday or almost everyday. My other blogs may fall off, but I want this one – where it all started to continue and grow – 100 followers would be nice, but I am not going to ask anyone who is not interested in me to follow.
16. Learn to Play Chess: Ah yes this will be the year that I make my husband proud. I think some bonding time with me and JAG while playing chess would be good and it would also put to use the collection (almost as many as the books he has) chess sets we have.
17. Plant a Garden: I have a black thumb – I have successfully killed the plants that were alive at JAG’s house, but for some strange reason I want to move on to killing vegetables – we will see how it goes.
18. Budget: oh doesn’t everyone say this at the beginning to the year? I want to work towards this – see I said towards.
19. Shelby and Me Time: I want Girls Night out with just Shelby. No offense to JAG, but in the next year I think Shelby is going to need some good one on one time. I want to paint pottery, take sewing classes and get our nail done – just me and her.
20. Let Go: I need to learn to let things go – to not hold grudges and to not hold on to the past as much – not meaning let go of my vintage and things of my grandmother’s, but not sit and stew over who did what and how that made me feel. That made me feel that way then and I learned and grew and now I will get over it.  

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