Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday: Good Ship.

The simple days:

Shelby was four, maybe three when this was taken. Those to me where the simple days. Oh how I long to watch Dora and Bear in the Big Blue House.

I say that, but I really like Shelby's age right now. We can have deep conversations ranging from God to Justin Bieber. The only thing I would trade is the Attitude. Miss Moody has been sporting a pretty big attitude lately. We go from tears to laughter to tears again. Some days she can flip completely out about simple things like an eraser falling off a pencil.

This morning she said her wrist hurt. I said "I am sorry it will get better." Her response, "You always say that and you never fix anything." Then she stormed off. I let her storm - I don't follow. I let her scream from her room - I don't answer. At this point of reading Miss Moody's Grammy is saying "be nice to that baby." My response is I am nice - I don't scream at her - I just ignore her.

All I know is if Nine is any indication of what 13 will be like I am in trouble. JAG, of course, is a lot more calm about everything. He spent  an hour this evening via ooVoo teaching Shelby how to figure out fractions - I had pneumonia when we learned that and still don't get it all. He is so wonderful!

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