Monday, January 3, 2011

Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

During my break I missed a very important post that I just had the opportunity to read today.
If you are on my Facebook, you may remember the excitement I felt when I found a fellow Lutheran blogger. I was so excited when I found Edie that afternoon since she has been on my daily reading and has provide me with so much. I don’t think I could put into words – even though I should  - what Edie’s blog has meant to me and the long, still growing list of things I have learned from her.
Two weeks ago, during my break from reading and writing, Edie lost her home and all of her possessions in a fire. She and her entire family and family pets made it out safely – she details the events here. Since I read that the first time I can’t stop thinking about what she is going through the pain of losing so many things that you hold dear and at the same time losing the security of your home. Many times we take things for granted thinking every day we will open our garage door and find the same house we left in the morning. Oh, I am letting my anxieties show, aren’t I?
The reason for this post is to let Edie know that her writing means so much to me and she has officially been placed on my prayer list. Oh and also to send her many many birthday wishes.
Picture of Edie I pulled from her facebook page - I hope she doesn't mind.

I know it hasn’t been the greatest couple of weeks, but I hope today a little light shines your way.
Please go visit Edie’s blog today as her readers wish her a happy birthday! You can find it here. And if you pray – which you should, am I just saying – then please lift Edie and her family up in your prayers today. Thank you!
And incase you need to ask - Yes this is one of those times where I am commanding you to go visit somone else's blog - now get going!


  1. Edie's one of a kind. So glad you have a fellow Lutheran friend in her. What a sweet post.

  2. sweet post-thank-you for supporting our friend!

  3. awww Dana, thank you so much. the lutheran theology is such a comfort during dark days. you are so kind to come to the 'party'.


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