Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Got Run Over By…

A crazed mother!!!

Oh expect to get some disapproving comments on this one – mainly from the Grammy. I am ready to END SANTA!!!

Let me share this conversation with you – it might help you understand why.

Shelby: Can you send mail to the North Pole?
Me: Yes they have special mail boxes.
Shelby: Can we mail my list?
Me: Oh I put it online – we can just email him the link?
Shelby: Why did you put it online?
Me: So Grammy could see it.
Shelby: (loudly) NO MOM!!! That list is for Santa to buy only! Those are gifts from Santa.
Me: (thinking to myself) Well Grammy is Santa most Christmases.

When does Santa end?

I was in the 1st grade I remember it perfectly. My sister told me an elaborate story about how her teacher went to the North Pole and met Santa and fed reindeers. I thought it was awesome, so I shared it with a group of kids during lunch. They just looked at each other and then one said “um…Santa isn’t real.” I went home and asked Melinda. I don’t remember her response, but if I had to guess it was a big laugh and a “you actually repeated that to someone.”

I was six. Shelby is Nine – why hasn’t anyone broken the news to her yet?

In all honesty! I cannot afford to be Santa when the girl asking for $40 video games and a laptop – don’t worry she isn’t going to get it. As her mother, I think she is trying to play me – she seriously knows, but thinks that I don’t know she knows – following me? But what if she doesn’t know? Should I be the one to tell her? Should I get over it? Am I being a bad mother?

Should I send her a letter that says:

Dear Shelby –

Santa is broke this year. Here is a doll.

Love the Elves.

Am I out of line here? When was the news broken to you and by whom?

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