Thursday, December 9, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy decorations are killing me;
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
You caused so much arguing;
Not only multi color lights here,
But also ornament that cause me drear
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
You’ve cause so much arguing!

Ok, that might be slightly over dramatic, but this tree caused some serious debate. You see I was raised that the ornaments match the tree skirt, which matches the stocking which matches all for the rest of your Christmas D├ęcor. This rule was instilled the year my mom spent probably a booty load of money having all of her bows for her tree hand tied at Michaels out of a very unique ribbon. Ask her she will say “I loved that tree.” I don’t think it was the first time she put up a matching tree, but it was tons better then the fake popcorn and apples of years past. We didn’t do a tree with every ornament we had made since preschool and never was money spent on a hallmark ornament – that is just the way I was raised.

Oh as you probably didn’t have to guess JAG – vast opposite opinion on the tree. First…multi colored lights – this may not bug some people, but for me it is just…I don’t have words for how offensive it is to put up multi color lights without little multicolored packages like my mom has done previously. Let me just say to each his own in the tree department – I am not judging your trees I am just stating what I like in my house for my tree – so no hate mail please.

You see…my mothers need to match wore off on me as you can see from my adult trees.

So, when JAG said “multi colored lights” and then he said “ornaments I have collected through the last 11 years” I debated with him. I drug him to Garden Ridge and showed him how trees match – they have themes and no 20 million different ornaments ranging from the death star to a snowman does not count as matching. I pouted, I tried to compromise with him, I about cried – he wouldn’t go for any of it. It probably doesn’t help that we decided to set the tree up the day before the hardest day we have had to face as a married couple – see it here.

Before you get too angry about me not being sensitive to my husbands needs for a tacky tree let me just say I – ME – made my own compromise. I gave in…put up the tree…pouted the entire time. I did go out and buy a new tree skirt, stockings and three new ornaments.

I also put up two more trees in the house – THAT HAVE THEMES – that way my withdrawals would not be that bad. One in the kitchen to match my gingerbread themed kitchen.

And Shelby’s pink Sugar Plum Fairy Tree.
Our family tree is growing on me…some. I did have the opportunity to use some of the ornaments gifted to me during the past few years and Shelby’s Disney collection I started when she was one – themed themed themed.

Do you theme or not? Do you have multiple trees in your house to cover each person’s like and dislikes?

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