Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am a D, I might be an I, but I don’t ever see myself being an R

There is TV I watch without my husband being home. This morning it is the Obama interview with Barbara Walters. I saw it on the guide last night and hit record because I know better. I know if I want to watch something without JAG debating it that it is best to watch it alone. 

I was born a Democrat. When I was 18 I voted for the first time  - well second the first was a local vote regarding Jerry Jones and the Texas Stadium. I remember standing line waiting to vote and my dad telling me “now Dana just hit that one button that says Democrat. That is the best way to vote – Democrat all the way down. We don’t care who they are as long as they are Democrat”- at least I think that is the way it went when I voted to reelect Bill Clinton. 

Now before you stop reading me just wait one second I have some explaining to do. I am very sad to say that that election was the last time I voted for a president. I didn’t vote for Gore, I didn’t vote for Obama, I didn’t vote Nationally at all. I got very involved locally and when I did I found it didn’t matter if there is a donkey or an elephant associated with them – it was all personal. I worked for a municipality – I knew many of the gentleman personally and I knew who I wanted running the city where I was raised and lived, but really never got involved in anything past that level. 

How you ask? How did I get by saying I am a Democrat, but never voting? Well, to be honest. I was married to a Republican and when I said “I don’t care for Bush” he never asked for reasons why. Now, JAG, won’t let me get off the hook like that. He wants details. He wants to know why I think that Bush is worse the Obama – I don’t think that it is just an example. I am usually dumbfounded. I have no clue – I just say my daddy told me…

I think that the time has come to educate myself about politics – to know the details and not just listen to what my father tells me to vote. That being said, I may find that I vote the same way as my parents still. I would prefer to be called independent because I think I am more of a feelings girl then a black and white girl – shocking I know. I have strong beliefs in certain areas, but they are mainly for myself and my family. Actually my beliefs in the political word crisscross through both party lines. 
 My sister recently told me she turn republican to that I hissed at her – a straight out of twilight hiss. She just rolled her eyes. You see I am not sure I can go that far. JAG seems to believe he can take me there since I am a Texas Democrat which is pretty much a republican everywhere else - hiss. We will see what happens, but until then I have lived a little in both sides. I watched Bush on Oprah – it was so worth the watch. I was happy to hear certain things and rolled my eyes at some others. I plan to read Laura’s book along with George’s – that is how I keep it on the personal level. I am watching Obama now – he has a god wife. I am watching the personal things there day to day life – trying to see their core. And I have to admit I have fallen for Sarah Pallin’s Alaska – Love it. So we will see how that will affect the next election – I believe it is a good move for her because she is reaching people like me.

If you know me well you know that I am a heart person more then a head person and think that is why I don’t do policits – they are just meanies. I don’t do mean – I want people happy, I want people safe, I want people warm and off the streets, and want peace – had to end big. 

So I ended this to say – give me some time…we will see how I evolve. Until then if you wish to debate you will get the same response as JAG does – You believe what You believe and I will believe what is Right – all along having no clue what right is.

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