Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Happiness Project: Pink Tree and Coolness

I know the picture is all kinds of blurry, but I snapped really quickly this morning with my cellphone. I love this pink tree that is in Shelby’s room with the adorable sugar plum fairies. This makes me happy and helps with my bah hum bug attitude I have had recently. I don’t think that it makes me a cool mom, though.

Last night as I was straightening Shelby’s hair – I know – she was telling me about how I am known as the “mean mom”. You see there was an episode, a series of events over a year ago which lead to Shelby going to school crying. Her mother was justified and she was completely out of line. Well, last night I found out that since that day no other kids want me as their mother. This fact is upsetting to Shelby. She said “I want them to think you are a cool mom.” I quickly said “I would rather be a mom who raised a cool kid, who did things she was supposed to do then a cool mom. I am not going to sweat it if some other child does not want to come home with me because all I need is you.” She was so worried about my cool mom status – it was sweet, but at the same time the only person I need to be “cool” to is her and even then I would rather go about it the right way then to let her do things she is not allowed to do. 

Need more happiness? Go see Leigh!


  1. I think you are a cool mom for doing what was right. Love the pink tree too.

  2. Amen! SOMEday Shelby will thank you for it!

  3. Cool moms do what they need to do to raise cool kids.


  4. If kids think that you are uncool it's because you're doing all the right stuff!

  5. I agree with David...You are a great mom!

  6. Love this - I bet my daughter would just LOVE to have a pink tree!


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