Friday, November 26, 2010

Good Wife Vs Bad Wife

So, it’s been almost a month and I have no idea where the good wife has gone – Bad wife is here hopefully not for good. This is where my husband rolls his eyes – that still sounds weird “husband.” 

I had all of these ideas - I knew that I would move in, unpack, and everything would shine and be pretty. I would never have dishes in the sink, my daughter’s room would always be clean and laundry would do itself – you know those little birds from Snow White fly down and do it for me. Well I should have known since I am so tone deaf – no singing to the birds. 

Nope the only thing singing here is the smoke detector. I actually caught the stove on fire – don’t worry…my wonderful husband came to the rescue and everything is still working. I am really not sure what has been wrong with me. I tried Wednesday to be a good wife and make my husband lunch. Grilled cheese people – well it was more like chargrilled – burnt as burnt could be. Meh. Can you believe that people used to want me to cook for them? 

I did better yesterday – I actually made a full Thanksgiving meal and JAG is still alive it was pretty good if I say so myself.  Today I am home alone – poor JAG has to work. As of this morning I am officially a landlord – I was slightly teary as I handed over my keys, but they love the house maybe more than I did. 

I finally did the dishes from yesterday – most of them…not all of it would fit into the dishwasher. Unfortunately, we have free Showtime this weekend…I am catching up on episodes of my favorite shows. I hate the way leave you hanging at the end of each episode – urgh…it makes you have to just watch the next one. Maybe Good Wife will show up tomorrow.

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