Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

As usual I stumbled across Ashley’s blog Ramblings and Photos in my daily blog reading. As soon as I saw Scavenger Hunt Sunday I knew I had to participate because I love pictures, could use the practice of photographing things besides Shelby and this would really show my father that the gift of his camera was a good thing.
Each week we are given five items to capture. This week the items were Pink, Books, Fall Colors, Leaf and Orange.
Here is my take:


The new intermingling of my books with JAG’s  after moving in my first load of boxes this weekend.
Fall Colors
Fall is not official until you eat candy corn and watch the ultimate Halloween classic.


Hammer used to create a wall of crosses in JAG’s entry way.

Next week the items are side lighting, Jack ‘O Lantern, face formed in nature, sunset and warn – YIKES!!!
Want to see what other people found in their scavenger hunt?

This weekend was a much needed quiet time to work on packing, unpacking and decorating JAG’s house for Fall.  I am so ready for JAG and Shelby to get home this evening so that I have someone to talk to instead of the three dogs. Shelby and I will continue packing up our home this week which is a happy and sad time, but more happy then sad. I have three weeks until my wedding and I am really trying not to obsess.  At this point I am avoiding all of the bridal shows and magazines.


  1. Stopping by from Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Love your "orange" photo!

  2. Great shots this week....and 3 weeks until your wedding?! How exciting. I'm about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary - this is a great time of year to get married. I really like your orange shot...I don't know why, but it stands out to me. I hope you have a great week and I'll look forward to seeing your interpretations for next week. You can do it!

  3. All of your photos are awesome, but I too like the orange shot a lot.

  4. Love your orange hammer! and the leaf too :) All the best for your wedding :)

  5. An orange hammer? That is just awesome.

  6. I know! next weeks theme is a lil tough im already cooking up idea in my mind..i like your interpretation of fall colours

  7. Where did you find an orange hammer? Orange and red are my favorite colors. I love reading your blogs and I am so happy for you and your JAG. Hopefully one day I will find a love like yours There is inspiration and yes envy when I read your blog postings. I just ended a relationship with someone tonight. I am sad and hurting and so many other emotions are flowing through me right now even though I know that ending it is the right thing to do. So I come here to read your blog as inspiration because know that what you have I can find as well. It will not be the same as yours, but it will be ours, where ever he is. So I thank you. Please show us the wall of crosses. I bet they are beautiful.

  8. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) You are sweet!

    I LOVE your orange shot. I'm such a DIYer, so it really made me smile.

    The other thing that made me smile is that your a Dallas girl! I will always be. We moved to the Carolina's about 4years ago, but we go home to Dallas every summer, for the summer! My boys are natives :)



  9. Wow...getting married! Congratulations! Oh and by the way, great photos for the Scavenger Hunt. Candy Corn and Charlie Brown...perfect Autumn pair!


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