Thursday, October 21, 2010

My About Me

If you haven’t notice I have a tab above that says “About Strawberry Tart!” Until this morning it has been blank.  For the past year and 100+ posts I have never completed an About Me.

Why? Mainly because I was completely clueless on what to say, but part of it really is I didn’t really think that my about me was good enough – I know. I spent time reading other’s about me section which made me feel worse and then I got up the bright idea to Google it for ideas. Well, that scared the poo out of me because someone actually said the About Me section is where you are supposed to tell the world why you are qualified to blog. That is the point where my brain went blank.

It was a sign this week when Mama Kat posted the writing prompts for this week’s Writers Workshop. There it was number 2 – About Me. That was it; I knew I had to do complete this task that I had been procrastinating about for weeks, months, hell a year!

So here it is, My About Me. I am not sure if I am 100% happy with it yet, I may change it as soon as I post this – we will see.


My name is Dana, but in the blogworld you can call me StrawberryTart! with an exclamation point because that is how I do things.

I started this blog on February 18, 2009. At the time I was a bitter single woman who was raising one daughter on my own and trying to find Mr. Perfecto. I was really mean and mostly cross in my first blog posts – some of which were deleted to save myself embarrassment.

Exactly a year later I met the love of my life, JAG, on February 18, 2010. Things have change considerably since I started this blog. Where I used to use it to let out steam and anger that I felt towards the world, it is now a daily account of a soon to be new wife dealing with a blended family, but no worries I still keep all of my posts real and mostly uncensored – I try not to cuss as much – for Shelby’s sake.

A few things you should now about me as you read.

I am the last person to judge anyone. I live my life with an open heart and pretty much love everyone with all their uniqueness. I hope to share with you my uniqueness and I hope to be loved for them just the same.

This being said, my biggest pet peeve is judgmental people. Followed closely by people who chew with their mouth open and people who cough without covering their mouth. I have issues with saliva – I am fine with mine, but don’t like seeing other’s.   

I was born, raised and have never left Texas. I spent most of my life in small town or suburb living. I graduated from the same high school as my mother and had Shelby in the same hospital where I was born – I love that. I am the youngest for two girls and have to say I wear it well.

The main reason I blog today, is to give Shelby – and anything other children that come along – an account of my life. I also love my readers and what they bring to my blogging life. One of the main reasons I write is to impress JAG with my wit and awesome writing ability. Don’t laugh! Why are you laughing? My ability can still be awesome even though it is sometimes filled with typos and wrong use of the English language – I try.

So, thank you for reading!!!

Contact: dana.duff{at}

Mama's Losin' It

PS...Did you know I keep a list of people who I think are AWESOME? Yeap includes my mom, JAGdad (that is not a typo...that is his new name) and April! I think April at Funky Vintage Kitchen is Divinely Awesome you all should know this. I wear her earrings almost everyday and have spoken about her many times. April is having another give-a-way, so click think below and go check it out!


  1. I loved your 'about me' write up. I stewed too for a long time about mine.

    If does not pick you for the giveaway...I just might have to make a second jar of sugar scrub for you because of your AWESOMENESS! Thanks always for the love.

  2. OK - I too have issues with salvia AND judgemental people... I dont see how ANYONE can pass judgement on anyone - we're all screwed up one way or another! So for those 2 reasons alone, I totally dig your blog! :)

  3. I'm right there with you on the judgemental people and you would have freaked out if you'd have seen what I saw at Target the other day. This boy, well "young man" had the audacity to spit in the water fountain! I had to bite my tongue to keep from calling him out. GROSS!
    I think you did a fantastic job on your "About Me". I think I re-wrote mine about 6 times before I was much pressure!

  4. Great write up about you. I can't stand judgemental people either and well other people's spit is not so great unless you are kissing on someone you love. So will we get to call you Mrs. JAG? I thought Mr. and Mrs. Jag had a nice ring to it. (Just a Guy and Just a Girl)

  5. Nice write up about you. I love how creative you are. A book in your future? I can't stand judgemental people either and as for their spit, well I agree unless I am kissing on the one I love. I thought Mrs. JAG had a nice ring to it. Better yet, Mr. and Mrs JAG (Just a Guy and Just a Girl)


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