Friday, October 8, 2010

Flashback Friday

In my daily blog reading I stumbled across Flashback Friday in The Adventures of Christopher and Tia. I thought I would join in on the fun.

I have not had the opportunity to go through all the many pictures I have that would more than like embarrass me, my sister and my mother, so I pulled this one off of my computer.

Things about me at this time

I was 17.
It was the Fall, so I had been back in Dallas for about four months.
I was a senior in a high school that was new to me.
I was going to be an elementary teacher – bilingual elementary teacher to be exact.
I felt like I had already been through all the struggles of life – barely making it out of South Texas alive – and the rest of my life would be a piece of cake – loud laughter as I type that.
I love that it wasn’t as humid in North Texas and I could have bangs.
I had long thick naturally auburn hair then – I miss my hair.
I thought I was fat. URGH!!!
I still listened to INXS, U2 and Depeche Mode (and still do).
I watched too much Real World and 90210.
I chased bad boys. If I were to have met JAG at this time we would not have worked out at all – don’t worry he knows this.
I took a big yellow bus to school.  
My parents would not get me a car of a diver’s license because they knew I would take off to another state. Not to run away, but to meet new people.
Both of my grandmothers were still living and were healthy. I was so close to my Meme at this time.
I was not an aunt yet – my sister was still single.

This girl has changed some through the years. I wish I could travel back and tell this girl that she is just fine the way she is. Actually she is pretty neat and does not need to be anyone, but herself.


  1. Hello!! Thanks so much for joining in and flashing back with us.

    Oh man, I've soo been there, thinking I was fat when I wasn't. Only, in high school I actually WAS. But there was a year or so when I was at my lowest weight ever, and not satisfied with it. Too bad I gained 100 pounds after that. If I would have only known. Luckily I'm almost back down to where I started, but... I wish someone would have knocked some sense into me, haha.

    I drove my parents crazy, always wanting to watch the Real World. Which... totally isn't "real" at all. Little did I know, though.

    Loved your flashback!!! I hope you play again next week?

  2. isn't it funny to look back? i always thought i was fat too and now i look at pictures and kick myself cuz i weigh more now! thanks for sharing! :)

  3. That's cool - we're about the same age, I'm a year older I think...and I too wish I could've told myself back then that I was just fine too; I'm sure my mother told me, but who at age 17 listens to their mother??

  4. Love this post. You made me laugh out loud with the bangs in North Texas part. I spent a huge chunk of my childhood in Houston; no bangs on the Gulf, sister.

    Thank you for stopping by my site and commenting!


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