Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nine Years Ago Today

I looked exactly like this.

It was the day after 9/11 and everyone was so tired due to lack of sleep. I don’t think the TV was ever turned off. Again, a lot of it was a blur. All I knew was it was time to see my baby girl and I was HUGE. Actually HUGE was understatement. I gained 68 POUNDS!!!! I was swollen and so dangerously uncomfortable.

I know that when I go through my next pregnancy (which won’t be happening this year – fyi) that I WILL NOT eat like the world is coming to an end and will exercise more. And take more prego pics since this is the last and almost the only one I have outside of shower pictures.  Actually I will take pictures in the delivery room because I have none until Shelby was actually born (that’s tomorrow’s blog).

So back to September 12, 2001 – I spent most of the day anxious. I was washing and folding clothes making sure everything was perfect. I was avoiding the TV and really really looking forward to getting that girl out of me. I knew she was fully cooked and trying to kick her way out day by day. Sitting here thinking back makes me really see how I am lucky. I am so happy that I have her and at the same time I am lucky that I will get to experience it all again in the future (I am NOT Pregnant!). I want to go through it again being older and wiser. There are things I would keep exactly the same and things I would never do again.

For instance, inducing- oh no never ever you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go through that again.  You see, Shelby was due on September 18th (my mom’s birthday), but my doctor had a golf tournament so he talked me into inducing a week early so I could have him and not some guy I don’t know down in that area – I was young and that scared me. Let me clarify…I was not that young, I was 23, but that is way different then my 32 year old thinking now.

We were to report to the hospital (which is the same hospital where I was born…love that- Shelby really loves it) at 7 pm to start my procedure. Well, they had a run on baby mommas that night and they were too slammed to take me since things were happening yet with me. So they sent me home and asked me to come back at 11 pm.

When I came back at 11 pm I was checked into a lovely corner room with a  view and a bathroom with a jetted tub – yes this was the hospital. They hooked me up, stuck me, asked a bunch of questions and began the pain of inducing…more tomorrow.

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