Friday, September 3, 2010

My Granny

I have told you a lot about my Meme and her struggle with Alzheimer’s, but I don’t think I have ever really mentioned my Granny.
Granny is/was (however you want say it) my father’s mother. Her name is Lola, but my mother says they have called her Granny since my father was a teenager.

Granny and my grandfather, Lurther who pass away when my dad was six, had my father late in life. So, she always seemed older then the other mothers. Sometimes I sit and imagine what it was like to be born in 1908 and live through all changes in the world until her passing in August of 2002.

I have so many fond memories of my Granny and some that I use as excuses. I say that my bad body image came from her saying, “You will always be my fat baby.” She continued to call me that even in my twenties.

I learned so much from her:

You only make chicken and dumplings from scratch…no biscuits.

You don’t need a measure cup or measuring spoons. Just use your hands.

A fly-swatter is used for more the killing flies. It is great to scare grandkids.

Microwaves are over-rated, make things fresh.

Peach Schnapps in the fridge is always a good thing.

Save bottles that have just a little shampoo left in them-you made need it.

Clip obituaries of people you think you may know because you might know them.

Don’t use paperclips; tie everything up with pieces of scrap material.

A peddle sewing machine is much better then those dang electric ones because you can sew when the power is out.

Always have at least three blankets with you because it sucks to be cold.

Along those lines always carry a half dozen Kleenex in your house dress pocket.

Remember to take the Kleenexes out before you do wash.
She was very set in her ways and could be considered a little off, but aren’t we all?  She was the one who taught me to cook and help with my sewing. She taught me that family is more important than anything. Today she would have been 102. I miss her.

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