Friday, September 10, 2010

Kind Words

Do you know the power of kind words? The power of a card randomly arriving in the mail box, a great email, or a kind word as you pass in the hall-it’s big-it’s awesome.
I am a big supporter of lifting each other up with kind words-and I love cards (just fyi). There are many times that I hold my tongue instead of speaking negatively to other people. I will walk of away from things before I get ugly with someone. I don’t think it is necessary. Wait…urgh…I have yet to achieve this with Gweedo. I know, I just know that God has kept that man in my life, pushing my buttons on a weekly basis to teach me something. I do not know what he wants to teach me – urgh I do know, but if I admit it then I have to learn it, right?
Anyway, I am going off course. My goal is the share with you this comment I received on one of my sparkpeople blogs. First these words are awesome. At the same time the person that it came from make it all the better. I look up to this person. He is a wise wise man and the fact that he looks to me this way made my week.
So I have always had this thought that Marshall and Lilly from How I Met Your Mother could be one of my neighbors and Lorelei and Rory Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls could be my other neighbor. I have now decided that you could live across the street from me because you make being normal amazingly cool. You do it with such grace.

No I am not drunk or medicated
Isn’t that wonderful – I make normal look cool. Even though I strive to not smoke screen anything with you or with anyone else in regards to my life, the video blog he left this comment on was just me being me. I just put myself out there and let you decide.
My question to you – Have you shared kind words with someone day?

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