Friday, September 17, 2010

Is it Tacky?

Do you realize how many birthdays there are in September?

For me there are many and they are all important. All these birthdays, cakes, cards and gifts have had me thinking about…

What I Want For My Birthday!

Is that tacky? Is it tacky to post my wish list? Is it tacky to even have one (a wish list) when I will just be getting over a wonderful wedding the week before?

I hope it’s not too tacky. All I have to say is I would be happy with a cake, a husband and a beautiful daughter…really don’t even need a cake. But dear family, if you want ideas here they are.

Let me give you one word that will help: Etsy!

Let’s start in my favorite category: HANGBAGS!

I love this Juliet tote in Mustard. I know…not sure what is with Mustard, but I love it- the color not the condiment…can’t stand the condiment. You can purchase this here.

All girls need bags of different sizes. I love this knitted orange handbag, but just realized it would be shipped from Turkey, so it would have to be purchased quickly…here.

JAG you are always on my about wearing necklaces, so here are a couple for you.

I love this double strand Flower Pendant. You can see more pictures of it here.

And for everyday casual this one is perfect. They have more colors here.

Since we are talking jewelry, I think these are the bee’s knees. Aren’t they pretty. You can check them out here. They also have a matching necklace.

Also, since your house will become My Our House here are a few prints I love.

I know how you love Texas even if you don’t get the HUGE mum at homecoming thing, so I thought this was perfect. You can purchase it here.

Just incase the house doesn’t have enough pictures of the two of us, here is an adorable silhouette. They have more colors here.

Out of everything on this list, these next ones are my most favorite. I would take any print from Dazey Chic. You can visit her store here.

Here are my 3 Favorite.

I love this saying and this print. Love Love Love! And it has BIRDS!

While you are there, can you pick this one up for Shelby?

So if this isn’t enough to get you started for my birthday, Christmas, Mother’s day or just because remember I love chocolate, perfume, Willow Tree and HANDBAGS! Oh and I love you! Heehe!

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