Thursday, September 2, 2010

I don’t know her, but we are Facebook friends.

Oh Facebook friends. I spent Friday morning weeding through them. Some made the cut and some did not.

I had a moment where I thought-do I really need to know the daily happening of all these people?

Seriously, how many facebook friends do we actually need?

As I was going through them, this quote kept playing in my head.

There is a reason that people in your past don’t make it into your future

That Anonymous is very wise. It sounds bad to say “I deleted people”, but that is what I did. Quiet a few – like almost ten. There were people that I never really spoke to and their posts were rubbing me the wrong way. There were people who were so far off on a different path that some of their posts had become offensive to me. And there were those people who I thought – the only reason he (or she) are in my friends list is because I am nosey. It was time to clean house.

Have you had a moment like that?

Please tell me I am not alone – have you ever said.

Yeah, I am friends with her. Well I mean we are friends on Facebook.

StrawberryTart! says, “If I annoy you on facebook you are allowed to delete me too…I fully understand.”

This post lead me to a book called The Church of Facebook. I haven’t read it yet, but I thought it fit with this post.

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  1. Yes Dana, there are still friends even if you don't have them on FB! I understand about offensive are a new person, with a renewed purpose and relationship with Jesus. 2 Corinthians 5:17
    I just love that verse.
    Anyway, my point is I end up just 'hiding' the person so I don't see their posts. Mainly it's my young I won't delete them.
    So, I think I will take a page from you and post on my FB that they are allowed to delete me and I won't be offended. I shouldn't worry if they don't like me anymore (as I sometimes do), they just want to play games...and have minimal interaction! :D ~MCF


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