Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do You Know What Today is?

Warning…this post may be too lovely dovey for some people.

Do you?

It is JAG’s Birthday! WoooHooo! The love of my life is 33 today! 33 will be awesome! I just know it! Why you ask…because I love you (JAG…not you, but I do love you to, but this is JAG’s blog).

I have been sitting here the last couple of days trying to rack my brain to come up with 33 reason why I love you…you know I have to get cheesier then the birthday card! So lets see…man…this is hard 33 is BIG. You’re getting old…you are officially older then me (for a couple of months).

Just had an idea…yeap right as I type this. Let me tell you and the world-you know I have readers, right?-the 33 reasons why I have decided to spend the rest of my life with you. That sounds like more fun.

So without further a due here are the 33 reason why I want to spend forever- and a day (gotta cheese it up) with you!

  1. Patience: you have a ton of it!
  2. You won’t let me use “I am fine” when you know I am not.
  3. The pure fact that people want you to sing, beg you to be in choir while people plead for me to take up lip syncing.
  4. I don’t have to vacuum before you come over.
  5. You have a knack for communicating with Shelby and have even taught me a few things.
  6. Even when I am grumpy, you still like me.
  7. You will sit through bad TV with me.
  8. You never make fun of me, even when I look like a clown
  9. You never say, “Are you going to tell that story AGAIN?”
  10. You always seem to know when things aren’t going great.
  11. You don’t get upset when I fall asleep during one of your favorite movies.
  12. You know my colors.
  13. So many people love you-that is the sign of a good guy.
  14. Your love gives me the feeling that the best is still ahead.
  15. I love your smile…I really do.
  16. You laugh when I use the wrong words or spell something completely wrong.
  17. You will pick up a soldier’s tab at a restaurant and not ever stay for him to have a chance to thank you because you say you didn’t do it for a thank you.
  18. You love food. Really love food and love trying new food.
  19. You spend hours with me just shopping…and you like it.
  20. You will find an Iphone App for anything I need; unfortunately…I don’t have an iphone.
  21. You bring out the best in me.
  22. You gave me two wonderful step-dogs!
  23. You roll your eyes (in a nice way) when I can’t count in my head – you learned recently I get this from my mother.
  24. You will tell me that my cooking is good even when I ask you 5 times during one meal.
  25. You never get mad at me…even when I drive you up the wall.
  26. You push me to do things that I enjoy, like writing this blog.
  27. ‘coz you are amazing, dazzling and extra nice.
  28. You send texts that just say “You are Awesome” or “You Rock”
  29. You’re someone I can be goofy with.
  30. Yogurt.
  31. You really love being called JAG.
  32. I can ask you a dumb question without feeling dumb.
  33. Whenever I need it most you are there with you all-purpose hugs.

These are also the 33 reason why I love you.

This is how JAG feels about this post and that I insisted on putting 33 candles on this cake!

I hope you have an AWESOME Birthday! I will forgive your employer for making you go out of town on your birthday…well maybe.

Just FYI…we celebrated JAG’s birthday before he left. I even made him a yellow cake from scratch (pat on the back)…the icing was from a jar or can or whatever you call it.
That is Queen Amidala in Shelby's Mouth
Yes, I know my camera sucks inside

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  1. I thought your cheesie, mushie, lovey-dovey blog was AWESOME!!! You did a great job with the cake. Star Wars really love JAG that's for sure! LOL :D ~MCF


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