Monday, September 6, 2010

August was AWESOME!!!

Yes I know I have to stop using that word, but please find me another to describe my stats for August.

294 Visits
218 were return visits
76 were newbie readers
I am not trying to big brother you, but these numbers keep me posting everyday! I love it! Thank you!

Check out the map!
Yeap that is the United States…and…

South Korea

For a girl who has never lived outside of Texas this is an awesome feeling for me. I told my mom that I had a reader from South Korea and she asked, “What in the world are you writing about?” My mom was not one of the 294 visits, but I am giving her my laptop, so she can visit any site she wants without getting a virus. If you remember my father thinks my blog will give him a virus. God love them!

By the time this posts they will be here with Shelby and I. I am so excited. I really hope to get some good pictures if my father will let me. Maybe just one so I can document him without a mustache. Don’t worry I will only do it if he lets me.

Again, thank you! You ready this right now means the world to me!

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