Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something to Learn

I believe that if God takes you through the same trials twice he has something you need to learn that you might have missed, like it was just a little too easy (even though it was really hard) the first time. The mindset of something really positive will come out of the second time.
This thinking came to me as Shelby, JAG and I were walking out of her elementary school Thursday night. If you remember from a post in April and some other off the cuff comments throughout my blogs Shelby did not have a good time in the 3rd grade. It was awful for both her and I. She had difficulty paying attention and did not build a big rapport with her teacher. When May came the entire family breathed a sigh of relief that it was over and we made it through. We looked forward to a fresh start in 4th grade.
This year my main concern was that her 3rd grade teacher would have made notes in her file about Shelby being difficult. I am not going to sit here and say that Shelby was probably not difficult last year, but I will say that toward in the end of the year the things Shelby got in trouble for were pretty ridiculous. I really did not want Shelby’s conflict with that one teacher to haunt her into 4th grade. You see before 3rd grade I had no difficulties with Shelby in school. Even during the divorce Shelby behaved fine in school, but there was something about her 3rd grade teacher that just didn’t click.
JAG and I had a positive attitude as we walked up to the school. We had to because Shelby did not want to meet her new teacher, Shelby barely wants to go back to school. We went to the window where the classes were posted. I found Shelby’s names then looked at the teacher’s name. I had to take a second to comprehend what I was looking at. I even had a moment where I said “oh they have the lists from last year up” in denial. Then it hit me. Shelby’s fears of 4th grade probably not even close to this…she has her 3rd grade teacher again.
Let me stop for two seconds and admit that Shelby’s mother probably did not handle the situation well at first. Nope not at all. I was steaming. Oh H E Double Hockey Sticks No! JAG said “Let’s go in. See if it’s true then have her moved to another teacher.” Shelby’s mother (I am not admitting I know her) stormed past both principals. They said “hi” and she said “I CANNOT Believe this!” Yeap…not one of my finest moments, but it was kind of heart breaking. I spent many a night talking to Shelby about how much better 4th grade would be just to have her live 3rd grade all over again.
One good thing, though, this year they rotate between 3 teachers, so Shelby will not be with this teacher all day, just in the mornings and in the afternoon. I calmed down once I realized this. As I sat and listened to the same talk as last year it dawned on me, “He has something Shelby needs to learn.” Even though how much I want to save her, move her to another teacher or even move her to another school, I know that she has to face this hurdle. She has something to learn this year and she is ahead of some of the other students, she knows what this teacher expects.
I do pray I am correct with this and that something positive will come out of it or maybe Shelby’s mom is meant to learn something…ok God I am listening…

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