Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not a command, but a small nudge.

Today I am wearing my Nie Nie necklace by CrystalB. I won it awhile back from Matthew Mead and wear it as much as possible because it is an awesome (can’t stop saying that word) saying. I also wear it because it reminds me of one of my favorite people, Stephanie Nielson.  If you haven’t heard the name then you don’t read my blog enough…tisk tisk.

Yesterday, Stephanie and her husband celebrate their “2-year-we-escaped-death-day.” I am not commanding you, but nudging you on over to her blog to read her entry from today.  Then I am commanding you to read through the rest of her entries! I was going to give you my favorites, but there are too many to count. So I suggest you start where I did with Nie Nie: On Being Proud - here and work your way to today.

Little back ground for you. I found Stephanie’s blog not too long ago. You can read my blog about it here. Since then, if you are a regular reader, you will know how much Stephanie has impacted my life.

Let me make one more comment before you go run off and read. Yes, Stephanie is a Mormon and if that is going to make you stop in your tracks and not read her blog and her story, then you have learned nothing from me and I am so saddened by that. As I said when I posted Stefanie’s video in May - I am not Mormon, but I have spent the last two months (now almost 6 months) learning more about the Mormon Church, not that I have plans on becoming Mormon. I am very much the type of person who believes that it is a good thing to know and embrace people who see things differently then you do. I have yet to find areas where Stephanie and I have a difference of opinion religiously, but I am sure there are some. I strongly believe that Stephanie and her story will touch you not matter what religious denomination you consider yourself to be. Sorry to get snippy, but I think that care for someone stretches further then what book we read.

Ok, I am done. Thank you for letting me boss you around, again. Just so you know if I say words like “here” or if a word shows up and in a different color that mean there is a link there. If you click on the word it will take you to another website – don’t worry I WANT you to go there. I put the links there for you.

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