Monday, August 2, 2010

My Little Red Book

One day, in the future, this blog post will embarrass Shelby more than any other and to that I send an “I am sorry” in the future.

I was looking at Shelby last night wondering when I need to start thinking about her changing. You know developing and have the change into a “woman.” This was my thought pattern last night, then this morning one of my blog friends (I think I am allowed to call her that) posted about her daughter’s first period which lead me to comment, which lead me to someone else’s comment, which lead me to this book.

My Little Red Book edited by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff. I had never heard of it and I guess that is because Shelby is about to be 9, not 13. It is a book of stories of all ages and their story about that magical, sometime tragic day when they became a woman.

I think this is a much more suitable book for Shelby to read when that time comes, then my first option a bought on a whim when she was one, Are You There God, It’s Me Margret. I don’t know what I was thinking. All I remember is the section of the book where Margret got her first period.

When Shelby was born my mentor’s daughter was going through this time in her life. She took her daughter for a mother/daughter day had a wonderful lunch, presented her daughter with a kit of everything you need when you start and took this opportunity to drive home abstinence. I have always remembered that story.

Just like many other things with Shelby this subject scares me. I know, but remember I am a first time mother. And yes I know I came from a house of girls, but my first period was not wonderful, but at the same time having an older sister helped it not be as bad. To be honest when I had Shelby no one told me it would be this hard to sit back and let her grow up. I would love for her to stay this age and this innocent (which is getting less and less by the day) forever.

Ok…enough of that think. I am so buying this book and reading it! And then saving it for Shelby when we get to that point, which is hopefully after she gets out of elementary school, please Lord. Right now I should focus on fourth grade and whether or not she needs a training bra. See right there…she is sooooo embarrassed by her mother now.  

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