Friday, August 6, 2010

Learning the Big Words

Do you know what REMUNERATIVE means?

Ok, so this is a some what embarrassing post for me, but I have to keep it real, right?

I have issues with the big words…

Lately it has been words like prodigal son, assimilate, and another one that I now cannot remember that I thought meant to love, but it didn’t.  They don’t seem like big word to you, but for me they cause serious blonde moments.

I am sure JAG is going to buy me a dictionary for a wedding gift so he doesn’t have to answer my “what does this mean?” questions all the time.

I am not saying that I am not bright, I am, but maybe more street smart then book smart. I blame it on my mother –don’t worry she knows- because she didn’t read to me as a child. I hope to grow my vocabulary each day.

I guess this post is a For Your Information…or a Don’t Judge Me If I Look at Funny, but mainly it is a don’t use big words with me for at least a year so then I can work on my vocabulary.

The words I learned to are:

Remunerative: serving and providing profitability.  Today at work a provide no Remunerative to my company.

Winebibber: one who drinks much wine. When you have six empty wine bottles in your recycling bin then you are definitely a Winebibber.

Sesquipedalian: one who uses big words. JAG is a Sesquipedalian and I want to be one too!

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  1. I only knew the meaning of remunerative, and that was thanks to the GRE, so you're not alone!


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