Monday, August 23, 2010

Fourth Grade

Last night JAG and I stood in the kitchen and braided Shelby’s hair. We had to have put over twenty tiny braids in her hair to achieve the look she wanted for today. I am so proud that JAG helped…he did pretty well too. As we stood there we discussed Romans 13:1-6 and our goals for this year. We talked about how to pick good friends this year and how to stay on our teacher’s good side.

When she woke up this morning she was ready to go. Well…ok…not ready. She was still not excited, she was more excited to take out all her braids and see her new do. As we made the long hike into school from a parking lot down the street she pleaded to not have to go and then said “this is torture”- that is her new over dramatic line. She knows she will be fine…I know she will be fine…all is well.

Ok,  I am not going to pull the “I can’t believe she is getting so old” line, but I have to say I repeated it in my head over and over this morning. Here is the progression of Shelby from Kindergarten to Fourth Grade. Small mommy tear…


First Grade

Second Grade
(see would not allow me to take pics this year, so I snapped this one quickly)

Third Grade
(I wish all the years were this happy)

Fourth Grade
(I could kick myself that I didn’t take a full body pic)

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    I'm trying to take over the Blogosphere with happiness. Here is a link to this week's post if you want to see what it's all about.


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