Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do You Still Grieve Over a Lost Pet?

You do? Can I come sit next to you?

The other night Shelby was playing with my phone at a restaurant and stumbled upon a video she had taken months ago where she was telling people about her awesome dog Beau. She was talking to him and he was looking into the camera wagging his tail.

This had us in tears and I know JAG was thinking “Could the two of them get any more dramatic?”

It’s been over two months, but still some days we catch ourselves really really sad that Beau is no longer with us. It is still shocking to me how strong my grief is over losing him.

Please say I am not alone…please say there is at least one person out there who is still sad about losing a pet.

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  1. Oh hon - you are not alone. We lost our boxer just a month ago and I still get that closed throat, achy feeling when I find myself expecting to see him around a corner and then the reality hits me. :(


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