Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dana Rae

To you and almost everyone else in the world my name is Dana, but to my mother and my two aunts. For them my name usually is Dana Rae. Now you have to say that with a Texas accent to make it sound good. I will give you a second to try it.

This has to be my most favorite picture ever!
Yeap that is about right. You see I come from, what I guess you could call, a long line a of two name users. My sister on the other hand got off easy, her name (Mary Melinda) doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue like mine does.

I have always been Dana Rae. My mother is Jamie Delle. My aunt is Patti Lanelle and my other aunt is Becky Allene I believe…Becky doesn’t normally get called by both names, but she is the queen of call people by both names (I love her for that!).  

So there is no doubt when I had Shelby that she would not be Shelby. She is Shelby Elizabeth or Shelby Lou…not sure where Lou came from, but she likes it.

And being the awesome two name user that I am I have trained Shelby to call JAG by both his first and middle name, which is what I use often as well.

As I said before my family isn’t normal or are we? Do you do this in your family? 

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  1. Actually we ended up using my middle name all the time...two of my siblings don't have middle names, any the other sib, has a middle name. In our house mother 'blended' names when she was calling us know, Chedward, or Felena! LOL :D it's funny now. Especially when we did the same thing to our own kids! MCF


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