Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wedding Dreams

So, I keep telling myself I will not obsess about wedding planning. This is about JAG and I; not about a party, ceremony, roses, champagne and mini meatball appetizers. I guess in doing this it has caused me to obsess in my dreams.

Woke-up the other night laughing due to a crazy wedding dream that is just so perfect, so I have to share with you. Of course the wedding was stressful. I was walking through the church and saw my groom! I was screamed “No Edward you can’t see me yet.”

Yeap, I said Edward. In my dream JAG turned into Edward Cullen.
This cracks me up because JAG is pretty much revolted by Twilight. I forced him to go see Eclipse with me and he proceed to spend an hour (slightly overdramatic there) telling me how it was good cinematography, but the worst example of vampires.

So there you have it…my sub conscious sees JAG as Edward Cullen. I think JAG is cuter though.

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