Monday, July 5, 2010

There is No Crying in Baptism.

That is what he (JAG) said to me as we sat back down in the pew.  Oh, I couldn’t help, but shed a few tears after watching my beautiful Shelby get baptized yesterday morning.
First off, she looked so grown up standing next to Pastor Lowry and answering all her questions in her cute new outfit with matching necklace that I forced her to buy because I fell in love with it (don’t all mothers do that?)
this was my favorite picture taken yesterday.
Secondly, no one forced Shelby to be baptized. JAG and I had discussed it with Pastor Lowry, but it had not yet been discussed with Shelby.  Nope, Shelby succumb to her first interaction with peer pressure, but in a good way when a sweet friend of hers in Sunday school told her it might be a really good idea if she was baptized.  You see in my previous religion (Assembly of God), we did not believe in baptism at birth.  I was brought up with the understanding that you dedicate a baby, and then when that child is old enough to make their own decision they can ask to be baptized.  Hence the reason I was not baptized until I was 21. I am not sure why my Meme didn’t push for it before then, guess she was waiting for me to ask. Anyway, Shelby was adamant that we have her baptized.  She asked us about it every week on the way to church. I am so proud of her for that.
Also, a third reason for me to cry is Shelby was baptized on July 4th. She will always remember this day.  Last night as we were driving home from a baseball game JAG asked her “What happened on July 4th?” And my lovely beautiful and talent daughter said, “Oh I know. I was baptized on July 4th.”  See she now thinks there is a holiday just for her baptism. This way you (her fans if you watch her video) can celebrate her. Here self-made holiday is not the reason I am mushy…Eleven years go on July 4th I was baptized. I feel like it is a holiday for me as well.
Though all the happiness of yesterday probably the main reason I wanted to cry is because of out of all my family there is one woman who would have given anything to be there in that pew with us yesterday and that woman would have been a balling right there beside me.  All day yesterday I thought of my Meme and how eleven years ago she sat on a pew beside me and cried as I was baptized.  I am still struggling with missing her even though she is still here with us.  I have so many questions, so many things I wish she understood.  She would have been so proud to see her namesake be baptized yesterday. She would be proud of me for making it happen and I think she would so love JAG. 
So before I short circuit this laptop with the tears that are now pouring out of my eyes let me wrap this up with a little thank you Lord!  I know why I am here. I am thankful for all the second chances I have been given in life.  I am even thankful for all the trials I have been through to get to this point. 

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  1. I cried tears of joy when I took my daughter to church at 7 days old and then again at the baptismal font at 2 weeks old. It is such an amazing thing to know that Jesus has died to take away her sins and that her name is now written in the book of Life. Why not cry happy tears? Way to go Shelby!


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