Friday, July 23, 2010

Six Shooting Strawberry

So since I first met JAG he has been all over me about getting my CHL (concealed handgun license). This is something that hasn’t even close to being on my bucket list.

When I told my father he said “make sure you memorize your mother cell phone so you can call her from the jail.” He was kidding, of course, but I am known to be a hothead sometimes. I am going through with my license, but I am not sure if I will ever carry…not sure…JAG will probably debate with me on this.

It’s not a completely stressful situation for me, but there is some background I would like to share with you. While on a fourth of July camping trip (the last time I ever camped) with my family at the age of six we received word that would stick with me forever and instill such a fear of firearms.  My father’s best friend and wife had two sons the same age as Melinda and I. Tragically, their oldest son was playing with a hunting rifle and fatally shot his younger brother. I can’t believe that it was been 27 years and that still sits with me.

From that I believe I am over cautious regarding guns. I had always said that if I had sons I wouldn’t even let them play with toy guns. I have told Shelby over and over that she doesn’t touch a gun that does not have an orange tip. I get so distressed about it that I go to an extreme and say “don’t look at them, don’t breathe on them, and don’t come within a foot of one.” I know that that isn’t the right approach either, but its fear. That little boy’s mother never fully recovered from that loss. Just imagine losing a child in accident that could have been prevented and an accident that was caused by your other child.

So, we went to the gun range this week. I don’t know what I expected; I had only shot a gun in a field in Oklahoma aiming at beer cans. It was loud. With every shot by the person next to us I jumped. I told JAG that if our instructor wasn’t there that I would have probably fallen into the fetal position. Thank goodness he was there because JAG would have surely been so embarrassed by his future wife in tears on the floor of the gun range.

Anyway I womaned up and shot. I was nervous, but it got better. I think I can do this. It is a good thing to know what I am doing even though I hope to never use a gun outside of the range and I am not 100% sure how I feel about having a gun in my home. This is me saying (admitting) I need to get over my gun fear and my gun fear with Shelby. I know it is better for her to be educated then to be kept from it completely.

And by the way! I did pretty well or at least that is what they told me. I even shot better then JAG at one point!

Just so you know…I know I didn’t fire an actual six-shooter…I just thought it was catchy. Also I will never that shirt horizontal sripes are not good.  

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