Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My New Love!

Let me tell you a little bit about my new love. Ah it is a beautiful thing!

It’s Google Analytics. Have you heard of it? If you blog you better go check it out.

It is a website that monitors my traffic. JAG would always say, “oh I had five people look at my blog today” and this would make me jealous because he blogs on another service. I in no way was going away from Blogger, so I did my research and found Good Analytics.

It’s awesome because it tells me that you are reading me and some of you actually like me (heehee). There are many different reports that should what is read most and stuff like that. I can even see where someone is reading me from, there is a lovely map like this:
I will only show this one because I know exactly who that is that is visiting me.

So, I am probably five years behind like I normally am with technology, but I want to tell you my new love and say

Thank You So Much For Reading My Blog!

Please stay tuned…exciting things are happening in my life and if you asking any of my friends this is the only place where you will know what is going on. Seriously, my closest friends find out about things here before I tell them. I am also (when I get 10 minutes) going to start a blog about my weight loss journey. I have the domain…just got to get up the nerve to post my start weight. 

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  1. Hmmm...I used Google Analytics but I know nothing about a map. I need to go find that one.

    And, I loved your post about your daughter's Baptism. Our 8 year old, Blake, was just baptized this past Sunday and it, too, was a special day!


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