Sunday, July 18, 2010

If Insurance

It has been typical on our relationship (JAG and myself) to pretense statements with “if we are…then we will.” It started as “If things continue the way they are going” and slowly developed into “If I don’t run you off by then.”
Over the past couple of months we started using the “if” statement less and less, but during our trip to visit family JAG said “If we stay together then I guess we will be making trips to the coast.” Meaning he would go with me to see my sister in South Texas. I, in typical fashion, asked “What do you mean IF?” This led to his him saying “Well maybe we should think about some if insurance.”
Let me fill you in on something, if you don’t know JAG, he has a different way of speaking. He says odd things that very few people grasp at first. Some of my favorites are his pronunciation of things like DVD he says Dove Duh. He has also mastered mixing German, Spanish and English into one sentence on a pretty regular basis.  These are quirks that make him who his is, so where some people wouldn’t understand “if insurance,” I knew exactly what he meant.
Let me just save you some possibly valuable time and say JAG spent a week in thought and prayer, proceeded in getting permission from a very important 8-year old, picked out the most perfect Johnny Cash song and popped the question.
To which I answered yes, had an absolutely gorgeous ring slid on my finger thus changing Just A Guy to More Than Just A Guy. Don’t worry he will remain JAG because MTJAG is really odd looking.
Well of course I have to show you the ring! Didn’t he do great?


  1. Nice ring indeed. We're very happy for you, because the person on whose finger it rests is nicer than the ring.

  2. Elizabeth CarlsonJuly 18, 2010 at 5:34 PM

    Congratulations. I am happy Matt has found someone to share his life with. I wish you guys the best.


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