Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Words in My Life

This is my life recently.

Today, this weekend, this month, these words have meant something to me.

Adrenal medulla

Gamma-amino butyric acid

Christopher Columbus





Stain Removal


Time Management



Pretty much to sum it up:

I am tired of school already.

So far I have earned myself a nice “C” so far in American Lit.

This dog is driving me crazy.

Shelby is doing her best to drive me crazy too!

I am now a Lutheran!

I need more time in a day!

1 comment:

  1. Resolve only makes the messes worse and it just smears the mess in. There are actually better products out there. My suggestion to you would be to go buy a dog crate, a very large dog crate if you have not already done so and crate train your 4 legged friend and please do not consider turning the 4 legged friend into a 2 or 3 legged friend. I know it is frustrating. I am not sure how old the puppy is, but purchase puppy pads. They have a scent on them which attracts the pooch to that spot. It works. Have you considered obedience training?

    But most importantly...........and above all else

    Take the stress, the procrastination, the doggie doo, stress, lack of time, and the other things that are driving you crazy, put it in box seal it, put a FedEx label on it since we want it out of our life as soon as possible....visualize and send it to God. He has your box with your problems in it. Gone gone, bye bye.....now go get back to learning bigger words so that you can have your dream and help others.


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