Friday, May 14, 2010

You Need to Get Your Priorities Straight

Oh I can hear my father say it now, “You need to get your Priorities Straight.”

Oh I do I do…I have one too many pots on the burner lately and they always seem to be the wrong one.

Note: JAG is not the wrong pot on the burner…just fyi.

So I think I need a pep talk…to myself.

That small side business that makes you just a little money. You need to put up or shut up with that endevour. You know there is a lot more that I could say about this waste of money idea of yours, but I will refrain.

Television…really need to watch less even though you think you hardly watch any.

Blog reading… I know you call it self-development, but seriously you have read some of those posts ten times already (little dramatic, but there are a few by Stephanie that I do read multiple times.)

Speaking of your Self-Development! You need to spend some self time. I mean look at your hair! You think that fixing it is putting it in a pony tail. I know you are in morning, but doing your hair will help you feel better (so got that from my mother). 

And your face…URGH! Dana you need to take the five minutes it takes to clean the make up off your face every night. You have your grandmother’s complexion and if you don’t make it a priority you will always have blemished skin. Also, stop touching your face all the time. And take $7 and seven minutes to get your eye brows waxed!

Also, spend the weekend cleaning your house. It is small enough as it is even smaller with a horse sized dog and your suite case from last weekend still sitting in the living room.

Remember, though, to take a break from that and get the oil changed in the mini-van. Your mother will very unhappy if your lake of interest leads to a loss of the vehicle. (over dramatic again, but she does feel that way).

And go to the grocery store…you NEVER cook anymore. This shirt is so what you are becoming!

You know what your priorities are…God, Shelby, Work…well maybe something else before work, but it seems like your priorities are really muddy, like have you done anything for Woman’s bible study on Monday? Huh? Yeah that is what I thought…bought the book, but haven’t even read a line of it yet.

Also, you have promised nine little girls that they will have an awesome bridging ceremony in a week…done anything to make that awesome yet? That’s it? Well a few pictures aren’t going to make anything awesome.

I suggest you take all these things we have discuss, write yourself a list and start working on things…in the correct order!

Love Ya!

PS I am seeing how JAG is pulling you into loving video games…be careful before you know it you will have a WOW character, then you will be lost for good.

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