Monday, May 17, 2010

Wish I Could Go Back…

Do you ever wish you could travel back in time and start again? I know and I say over and over that my mistakes make me who I am today. I need to learn from them to be the mother and woman I am today, but if I could I would go back to 2005. Specifically Spring 2005…down to the minute…when this picture was taken.
I wouldn’t say that things were easier during that time in my life, but they were really good. I was very spiritually focused, I was working at home, which made things great for Shelby and I. This was before Gweedo asked me to marry him before our relationship deteriorated.

Shelby was at a wonderful age (4). She had beautiful long curls (she still does but they don’t curl the same). She was so happy. Don’t worry she still is, but this was before she became a drama queen when her life revolved around pre-school and Dora.

An oh how I long to get that thin again…I know it’s not that thin, but it’s 30 pounds less then where I am right now (I think).

So, I am not sure it was the time, the life situation, Shelby’s age or my weight, but if I had a chance I would go back to that day again.

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