Saturday, May 15, 2010

Someone Please Save Me

I was about to start this post with “I’ve been lucky that Shelby has not obsessed over anything obnoxious,” but that is so untrue.

It started with Barney! I swore that I would never have a kid who loved Barney. Then it went to Bear in the Big Blue House (loved him). After Bear it was Dora…come on vamanos! It seems like it quickly moved from Barbie’s to Jonas Brothers. I guess I could handle all of that, but this mother can not seem to stomach Justin Beiber and his hey hey were the monkeys hair cut.

Shelby is in love with this kid. She listens to his high pitched pre-puberty music everyday! URGH!

Everything has to do with him…

Me: Shelby what do you want to name this sock monkey I got you?
Shelby: I will call him Justin Bieber!

Me: What are we going to get Madi for her birthday?
Shelby: Justin Bieber stuff.

She gets really angry because I won’t call him “Justin Beiber.” I call him “Justin Boo Boo” or “Justin Big Booty.”

I really just can not stand that she likes this kid. 

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  1. I saw a great tweet that said, "the act that people use 'your' and 'their' wrong, but can spell 'bieber' just fine makes me die a little inside


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