Friday, May 14, 2010

Saying Good Bye and Hello

On Wednesday I received Beau’s ashes. It was very sad to go into the vet’s office where he passed away to pick up a blue bag which held an urn with Beau inside. It was odd to carry my 60 pound dog in a box that small, but it is over now. He is at home, but I am not sure where I will put him.

So I guess that is goodbye to Beau. Still make me a little emotional, but it’s getting better.

Shelby and I had a long talk with JAG included about moving on. Being a single woman who lives alone, I want a dog in my house. Being impatient I wanted it now. So, I found a young woman who was needed to “re-home” a five month old boxer. I didn’t know too much about them, so I did some research and feel in love. I mean look at this face.

This is Duke. He is the new member to our family. Duke needs training, lots of training which he will start next week other then that he is awesome (so far).

Still it’s hard because I still really miss Beau. Duke is not a replacement for Beau, I could never replace him. If I could I would have Beau back in a heart beat.

I think Jack misses Beau a little too…he wasn’t very happy to meet the new dog. I love Jack…he is the best hamster ever!

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  1. Oh, this picture makes me cry too! Avedis, our boxer was a brindle. Just love the look.

    Congrats on the new friend!


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