Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I Put My Mother Through

One day this week I came home to find my neighbor blanketed with these flyers. When I pulled it off my front door it reminded me of running away when I was 16.
I am in no way saying this girl is a run away. I pray she is found safely.

The first time I ran away I was 10 or 11. I snuck out my window and went down the street to my friend’s house. My mother found me within ten minutes…no harm done. She knew exactly where I was the entire time.

When I was 16, I seriously ran away from home. My reason for running away, my parents didn’t approve of my 20 year old boyfriend. Ummm…hello that is typical and they were more then justified. I was way too young and he was way too old for that age. Looking back I fully understand why they would never approve.  

I believe that I just never came home from school. I stayed hidden at his father’s house. We lived on a pretty small island, that and my sister knowing all my friends made getting out difficult. I was gone almost a week before I was found. I can’t imagine what that did to my mother.

I am sure my parents searched and questioned my tight lipped friends until finally my father caught me walking out of a beach entrance late one night.

I couldn’t imagine going to sleep at night not knowing where Shelby is or if she is ok. Shelby grabbed the flyer before me and said “Mom another girl is missing…that is so sad. Where are they?” She spent a lot of time looking at the picture. Earlier this week there was a flyer about another young girl that she saw. I have been trying to explain more about safety even in your own front yard. I took this opportunity to mention how awful this girl’s parents must feel. I pray she is understanding what I am telling her.

I have years and years of making up my mistakes to my mother. I put her through hell when I was a teenager. I pray that Shelby will not have to make my same mistakes.

I am thankful that they found me, even though I was safe, I wasn’t were I needed to be. I am also thankful that I didn’t wind up on a flyer.

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